New to Galway – A Vibrant & Social Irish City!

I chose to live in Galway. There are so many reasons why this is so. But mainly, it is two-fold: the high-energy and vibrant culture and also, the unique serenity of the landscape. Galway is a fresh spring that seems to never run dry.

It wasn’t my work or friends or even romance that brought me to this city. The truth is that I knew absolutely no one on this beautiful, Irish west coast when I made a definite decision to relocate to Galway. It is called following one’s heart.

Originally from Cork, and after a fifteen year stint living abroad, something became immediately apparent to me after a weekend visit to Galway during the past summer. What I saw, or, moreover felt, was that behind its bright, energetic and outer layers that there is also a deeply embedded thread of culture running through the recesses of the land and of the people. Galway is massive fun. It also overflows with a psyche full of heart and soul. Continue reading

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Dealing with the loss of a loved one – In particular the death of my father

Amazing Grace rang through my ears as my four sisters and I shouldered our father’s coffin down the aisle of our local church.

I’m not sure if the actual tune was playing at the time but it kept going around and around in my head. Focusing on the words, I felt a surreal strength. My mother and aunts walked behind the coffin, crying. Within minutes from then, he would be finally buried, laid to rest, his final peace. Continue reading

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I saw a Zebra – We are a shining light, there are no rules to find it, nothing is impossible.

I saw a zebra.

It was not at the zoo; I was not on some wild and exciting safari. It was my reflection. The world is filled with mirrors.

Can everything be a ball of energy really? Existing in different forms? All energetic existences that contains lots of white light, dark light and every shade in between. Not exactly obvious to mortals, we cannot easily see it.  We just change form as we move from one existence to another, but the spirit and the energy of the spirit can never be crushed nor destroyed. And everything in existence is energy whether it is connected with a human body or not. Some existences contain more dark light and some contain more white light – it depends on what each individual chooses through their own free will – but most individuals contain variations of both. The light is within and the shadows are within. Anyone can sway towards the light more and equally they can delve further into the shadows. We are all zebras.

The light is there and there are no rules to find it. It just requires opening one’s eyes. When we do, the world is our heaven, the limitations imposed on us are impermeable, nothing is impossible. Continue reading

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Life is Beautiful – A True and Simple Story

Life is beautiful.

Often times, it has come to my attention how perceived small events can remind us how life works in our favour when we allow it to, when we let go, when we go with the flow – going with the current opposed to struggling against a flow.

This is a true story; a very simple one; extraordinary in its simplicity.

It is one which happened in my life within a forty minute time span last Friday, yet in its essence, it is a stamp in my heart how easy life is despite the perceived hiccups.

As I immerse into the detail of this story, it is a massive reminder that life does conspire to assist us in all manners when we are open to it.

Continue reading

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The Secret – Think Positive!

Have you ever dreamed of doing something new with your life but kept thinking that you didn’t have what it takes? Have you ever heard yourself say that you have lost your motivation after a set-back? Have you ever postponed something and provided a hundred excuses why you cannot do it?

Well, if this sounds familiar, instead of giving in, wouldn’t it be better to start by examining what it is that you are currently doing. Let the summer of 2011 be the time that we can all raise to new heights, develop new awareness and realise that we have everything we need to succeed. Sounds like a cliché – it was, ever before I wrote it. Continue reading

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My Premonition of my near-death

I knew my dream had held significance.

Though brief, each scene was vivid and sharp, and as the final scene of this prominent dream drew to a close I woke with a deep falling feeling at 2 am in the morning. In that state of release between waking and sleeping, I turned onto my side cuddled into the man that I least suspected would play the main role in a dream that would play itself out in perfection in exact form in real life exactly one week later. Continue reading

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I sold everything I had and walked out on a lucrative career to follow my dreams!

Many people thought I had lost my marbles when in the current times that we call the recession, I voluntarily gave up a lucrative career as a director of an international software firm, to follow my dream, which is my passion for writing.

Born into a work-orientated family in Ireland, I originally embarked on a path of scientific training, taking Degrees in Mathematics, Science and Electronic Engineering. Despite external success having spent more than fifteen years as a business woman in the IT industry, I struggled inside as I felt stuck in a career that conflicted with my heart.

And it was following the death of my father in 2006 that I was jolted into a sudden awakening as I started to question, “what is life all about?” and “why are we here?”. These basic questions were the start of what I describe as an amazing whirlwind journey, when I started to reconnect with my intuitive self that had been prominent in my childhood. This prompted me to pack in my career to pursue a path of self-discovery and find more heart-felt purpose in life. Ultimately this led me back to expression through writing, a passion I have held most of my life and what I used to describe as my hobby. Continue reading

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