Salthill – A Romantic Projection of Life !

They say that women can fake orgasms and that men can fake entire relationships, but there is nothing false about a moonlit walk along the Salthill promenade.

Salthill known for over thirty restaurants, more than fifteen bars, its renowned Golf Course, the leisureland complex and free parking for all the local parks and playgrounds is normally the ideal ground for family destinations – yet there is a hidden romance for those that have the eyes to see.

Salthill is the spot where the Connemara landscape and seascape really merges, moulding and blending into the vibrancy of Galway – the countryside becomes the city.

And even though the west of Ireland is no stranger to rain, I have lost count of the amount of times that a clear sparkling and starry night has shined down as I have walked this beautiful promenade after a romantic dinner for two. If one was in the northern hemisphere, it would be breeding ground for the dance of the famous northern lights.

Recently, I noticed that the reflection of the moon on the sparkling water was three-dimensional. It danced. In no other Irish city have I been able to view so many stars in the sky, and a moon defined so clearly that its mirror in the water seemed abundant with life. An aliveness that is so unique to Galway – a romantic projection and a love of life that only this Galwegian suburb could project.

In past decades Salthill was more known for its nightlife, yet now and more beautifully it seems the perfect pitch for a candle-lit dinner in one of the many restaurants while overlooking the picturesque bay, across which are beautiful views of the county Clare coast.

Even on the stormy nights, something special is awash as the surf hurls in from the sea. The sometimes wildness of the water is a perfect reflection of the rugged coast as one ventures more north into the stunning Connemara landscape – a reminder of the power of the Irish land.

An extremely popular destination for family vacations, yet the romance it projects for couples alike is far from dead and gone. This is what I discovered recently, the perfect place for love to blossom, and what a perfect way to start the New Year, with the appreciation and love of life that only such a place can offer.

Could such a love be your New Year’s Resolution?

Happy New Year, Mairéad.


About Mairéad Whyte

Published author, Mairéad Whyte guides you toward creativity. She is the author of the novels: ‘All for Grace’, and ‘The Butterfly’ – both quirky novels on love and life. Mairéad is also currently writing her third novel, 'Shining Light : Casting Shadows.' Her writing is endorsed by Miriam O'Callaghan, RTE; several newspapers and; Colm Keane, Award-Winning Journalist and No 1 Best-Selling Author. Mairéad Whyte is a keen mountaineer; and in addition to being a volunteer for the new cancer charity, OvaCare; she is a co-organiser of the Galway Social Club, a member of Network Galway and an associate of Galway’s Junior Chamber. As a personal performance coach, her life-path has integrated her scientific background and her vivacity for life with her vision of spirituality – one that inspires us to be true to our hearts. Mairéad has lived and worked throughout the world. She has presented at many global conferences, has published several newspaper articles and made radio appearances. Born in Cork, she lives in Galway. More information, reviews, acclaims and details of Mairéad’s creative writing classes may be found at
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