I saw a Zebra – We are a shining light, there are no rules to find it, nothing is impossible.

I saw a zebra.

It was not at the zoo; I was not on some wild and exciting safari. It was my reflection. The world is filled with mirrors.

Can everything be a ball of energy really? Existing in different forms? All energetic existences that contains lots of white light, dark light and every shade in between. Not exactly obvious to mortals, we cannot easily see it.  We just change form as we move from one existence to another, but the spirit and the energy of the spirit can never be crushed nor destroyed. And everything in existence is energy whether it is connected with a human body or not. Some existences contain more dark light and some contain more white light – it depends on what each individual chooses through their own free will – but most individuals contain variations of both. The light is within and the shadows are within. Anyone can sway towards the light more and equally they can delve further into the shadows. We are all zebras.

The light is there and there are no rules to find it. It just requires opening one’s eyes. When we do, the world is our heaven, the limitations imposed on us are impermeable, nothing is impossible.

Every spiritual organisation also has the ultimate of bringing everyone towards the light, yet sometimes I wonder whether the many rules in place slow people down from reaching the light.

So independent of the world, plane or realm in which we perceive our existence, wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to fill our spirit or personal source of energy with more of the lighter light, and diminish that which is darker – a zebra that becomes a white horse.

But the thing is that energy always attracts like energy to itself (a fundamental law in Physics – mass attracts mass). Dark energy will attract more dark energy to itself. Light energy will attract more light energy to itself. It is individual choice to consciously decide which one they want to attach themselves to. Filling oneself up with light will attract more light to themselves, remaining in the shadows will take them further into darkness. Maybe we can see this more clearly if we chose to operate from a more energetic perspective. And with over twenty years immersed in science, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we do not perceive reality directly (Einstein’s theory of relativity).

And since each individual existence is energy, and energy attracts more energy to itself merging from one form into another, everything in existence that ever is and ever has been is all just a massive lump of energy; everything is the one thing. Everything and everyone is connected to source, manifesting itself in any shape, size and form; the light, the darkness and every variation in between is on the inside, it is on the outside and it is all around. The light within and the light without; the shadows within and the shadows without.

‘Through Him; With Him; In Him,’ the priest says during mass. Everything is one, no matter what form anything appeared as or plane it existed in. Only mortals create intervening barriers, and invented the divide between God and humans to give them some self-purpose on putting the glue back in place. Can everything really be simpler than that? I feel it in my heart. Everything in creation is the one thing. Everything connected; no separation. A thin film that isn’t obvious to the human eye. A transparent yet a full force of life-energy goes through everyone, is with everyone and more importantly is in everyone. The soul, the spirit, the energy of any existence is not belonging to God, it is God. It is the soul of the world, the soul of the universe and everything is a part of that soul; no separation. Nothing could be elementally created or destroyed, everything changes from one form to another to give birth to other new forms of creation. All that is has always been. Every presence linked coherently, united, all combined being part of the one thing. The Unity. The Holy Spirit is the soul of everything.

The dark and the light are part of the same source. There is nothing to fear. The universe is a zebra.

Everyone has the choice to attach themselves to either stripe. They all exist. They all serve a purpose and role within our lives, ultimately so that we can know ourselves in truth, so that we can experience ourselves in full. The light and the dark have the same source, did I say that already?

And whatever aspect of the energy we attach ourselves to, we keep on attracting more of it to us on the perceived outside. The ultimate for us all, perhaps, is to fill ourselves to completion with the more pure light and operate from that space. I want more of that pure and white light. That is where happiness is found. I see a zebra; the stripes of light and dark. The world is my reflection.

I often wonder that when we revert back into an energy form, when we are no longer are attached to a human body, does it necessarily mean that we exist in a pure and white light form? Do we still carry the thoughts and attitudes that we had developed on the earth plane because the thoughts that formed in our minds as a human are also energy and they cannot be discarded, the thought-energy created by a human cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed into a new thought-energy, and thought-energy always returns and remains with their source. Perhaps the idea is to transmute non-serving thoughts into something else that does serve, metamorphosis of my energy including my energy in thought.

Equally there is no external judgement, the judgement is only my own. It is my choice to discern in which direction I move. It is the light that I have set my sights on, because that is the place where the world is my heaven. This is the journey that I am still taking, a cleansing of my energy which includes my thoughts.

So I am very far from being infallible, in fact. I am still travelling my own path. And it may take several more lifetimes for me to complete my experience of myself and my metamorphosis. This is the Karma we all built up since the beginning and this is the karma we all strive to break free from.

I am a guide in training. I will always be a guide in training. Everyone in existence is a guide in training. No-one knows all the answers.

Several truths can exist simultaneously.

But the only answer I know is love; it is the feeling that swells my heart.

Once upon a time I was a girl that had many bees in my hair about the social and religious rulings and conformation. Now I know the light is there and there are no rules to find it (Did I also say that before?). It is about setting our own agreements with life, ones that sit within our hearts. Could anything else that we have been told be one of the greatest lies that has ever been told to humans?

Mairéad Whyte is the author of the novel, All for Grace  – an uplifting novel of love and hope despite adverse circumstances. It combines the ordinary with the extraordinary, the physical and the spiritual worlds, and the serious with the funny. It is one of a kind with raving reviews.

She is currently near completion of her second novel, “The Butterfly” – based on true events, it is one woman’s transformation following her near-death experience as she journey’s into the unknown to pursue her destiny. The reader is left with an uplifted feeling through an upbeat and humorous narrative.



About Mairéad Whyte

Published author, Mairéad Whyte guides you toward creativity. She is the author of the novels: ‘All for Grace’, and ‘The Butterfly’ – both quirky novels on love and life. Mairéad is also currently writing her third novel, 'Shining Light : Casting Shadows.' Her writing is endorsed by Miriam O'Callaghan, RTE; several newspapers and; Colm Keane, Award-Winning Journalist and No 1 Best-Selling Author. Mairéad Whyte is a keen mountaineer; and in addition to being a volunteer for the new cancer charity, OvaCare; she is a co-organiser of the Galway Social Club, a member of Network Galway and an associate of Galway’s Junior Chamber. As a personal performance coach, her life-path has integrated her scientific background and her vivacity for life with her vision of spirituality – one that inspires us to be true to our hearts. Mairéad has lived and worked throughout the world. She has presented at many global conferences, has published several newspaper articles and made radio appearances. Born in Cork, she lives in Galway. More information, reviews, acclaims and details of Mairéad’s creative writing classes may be found at www.maireadwhyte.com.
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